Your gift to this fund will provide general support to the Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) and help with current needs and priorities. College of Natural Resources & Sciences (CNRS)

SERC a group of engineers, scientists, professional staff, and students working to solve the world's energy problems.  Their purpose is to promote clean and renewable energy.  They carry out that purpose by researching new energy technologies, designing and installing energy solutions in real world applications, and providing students with an opportunity to get hands-on experience with cutting edge energy projects. To learn more, visit www.schatzlab.org.

Gifts to the General Fund are unrestricted and may be used for various expenses at the discretion of the SERC Director. The following are the top priorities your General Fund gift will help SERC pursue:

  • Sustainable Futures Speaker Series.  Each year SERC invites 6-8 speakers to present on topics of interest to the campus and local community.  
  • Education and Outreach.  SERC operates a docent program and conducts workshops and outreach events for local schoolchildren and community members. 
  • Professional Development.  SERC provides support for staff professional development and for SERC-affiliated faculty members who are beginning their careers.