Donors like you help ensure Humboldt students have a meaningful, positive, educational experience during their time here. Give today and support that experience.

Areas to Support

Dreamers Adversity Fund

Support Humboldt California Dream Act students in the wake of hardships with a gift that will help offset the loss of wages, secure housing, and afford basic needs that may have been brought on by emergencies.

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Student Adversity Fund

Immediately assist students who have an unexpected situation or emergency that could force them to drop out of school. 

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Student Support Programs

Give a gift that directly impacts students’ ability to succeed through affordability programs that reduce costs for materials, support services, and field study programs. Examples include  the Overcoming Barriers to Health Fund, the campus food pantry Oh SNAP!, and the Library’s Textbooks on Reserve

Humboldt First Scholarship Fund

The Humboldt First Scholarship Fund helps local North Coast students pursue their dreams while staying close to home. Join us in supporting local students and their families.

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Student Success Scholarship

With scholarships, we can help students in all disciplines. One example is our most flexible scholarship, the Student Success Scholarship, which identifies and supports those students with the greatest needs.

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Humboldt Loyalty Fund

A gift to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund supports students through new hands-on learning opportunities, technological upgrades, and cost-relieving programs. By giving to Humboldt Loyalty Fund,  you are partnering with thousands of others to increase the strength and impact of your contribution.

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