Humboldt Area Foundation Pledges $10K in Matching Challenge to Support HSU Dreamers

Jun, 2020
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UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of donors and the Humboldt Area Foundation, the matching challenge was met, with over $20,000 raised in support of HSU Dreamers over the month of June. For those interested in continuing to provide emergency support to Dreamers, online gifts can still be made through the crowdfunding page

June 2, 2020—Through June 30, 2020, all gifts to support Humboldt State University California Dream Act students will be doubled, thanks to a matching $10,000 “COVID-19 Regional Response Fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation” grant. This funding is crucial to support undocumented students in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

HSU Dreamer students are among those who did not qualify to receive the federal CARES support distributed in response to the pandemic. Like many HSU students, however, undocumented HSU students are in need of financial support to offset the loss of wages, secure housing, and afford basic needs during this time. While the State of California has provided funds to support Dreamer students, the funding is limited. Donors and the Humboldt Area Foundation are stepping up to fill the gap left in this funding through gifts to the Dreamers Adversity Fund, which will provide students with immediate relief support.

“No barrier should derail the ability for a young adult to pursue their greatest potential and fulfill the dream of a university education. These students have overcome obstacles out of their control, and proven that such a dream is in their reach,” says Bryna Lipper, CEO of the Humboldt Area Foundation. 

“The Humboldt Area Foundation is proud to partner with Humboldt State University to support these talented young minds. We challenge others to generously join us,” she says.

Dan Saveliff, Director of the Educational Opportunity Program at HSU, works closely with undocumented students and has seen the additional barriers the students face in their journey to get a HSU diploma, particularly when it comes to financial support. He estimates that undocumented students are eligible for $10,000 less of the typical support HSU students have access to.

“This is an opportunity to support the growth of a contributing faction of our society that don’t have access to the same resources as other students,” says Saveliff.

To double your impact in supporting HSU Dreamers during this time, visit the crowdfunding campaign, or contact 707-826-5200 or